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    If you’re looking for love through an exclusive relationship with someone very special, Matchmakers is an elite personal introductions and dating agency service that can help you find your perfect partner. We offer a bespoke, highly personal service and one of the largest databases of professional singles in the UK – it is also a world away from the lottery of online dating.

    Our service involves an in depth interview where we get to know you really thoroughly and perhaps more importantly the type of partner you would like to see brought into your life, as well as the continued support of your own highly experienced personal matchmaker, who will be on hand to guide you along your journey to an exciting new relationship.

  • Exclusive to those aged 25 - 49

    Matchmakers is the only personal introductions service in the UK that is aimed exclusively at those aged 25-49. Using a Personal Matchmaker used to be only something the very affluent could consider and in London the fees could well be preclusive to many. But not with Matchmakers which starts from just £695 for a one year membership – more cost effective than online dating for many.

    The big difference however is that with Matchmakers you will be working with your own experienced personal matchmaker, who will guide you through your membership from the outset. Dating can sometimes become a jungle and so having your own ‘friend in the dating business’ to guide you through and help you meet that perfect partner as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • A world away from the online dating experience

    Dating has changed so much over the last decade. Through the internet the whole dating industry in the UK has boomed, which has not been entirely for the good. With so many people now searching for a partner online where there is no legal requirement for any sort of background checks or vetting, so it is very easy to meet the wrong sort of quality or people who aren’t genuine.

    This has unfortunately led to many broken hearts and sometimes worse than that. Internet fraud has boomed too and many people are only looking for a series of short term flings rather than a genuine long term relationship. So why not explore a far more secure and safer option and let one of our personal matchmakers guide you through how we can help you find someone really special?

  • Are we the best agency for you?

    Many of our members come to us through personal recommendation and typically are busy professionals with heavy work commitments or busy family ties, leaving too little time to devote to meeting someone special. Our members are all aged between 25 and 49, they often value the confidentiality and personal nature of our service, with no photographs or public profile accessible.

    In the past you may have tried leaving meeting someone special just to chance. Perhaps hoping to meet someone in a bar or club, (though statistics tell us that 70% there will already be in a committed relationship). Maybe now is the time for you to take a more pro-active, positive step with Matchmakers. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you find the one for you.

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Welcome to Matchmakers Dating
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Welcome to Matchmakers, we are an exclusive personal introductions and dating agency that has an extensive, high quality client base of younger professionals aged between 25 and 49, with members located across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. We are a world away from online dating, as all of our members have been ID checked using photographic evidence and carefully vetted, the service is also highly confidential and we would never feature any personal information or photograph of you online. We also meet you personally for a consultation on our higher membership levels, usually in your own home, to get your membership with us off to the best possible start. We have a great record of dating successes so are very well placed to help you find that very special someone.

We come recommended

Having been around since 2005, we are a very well established dating and introductions agency and now have access to one of the largest professional databases of clients across the UK, specialising in the younger end of the personal introductions market and ages 25-49. For your peace of mind, we are recommended members of the Dating Agency Association. They are the only truly independent dating body in the country. Over 50 and unable to be considered for Matchmakers? Then visit our sister site which specialises in older age groups www.avenuesdating.co.uk – probably the oldest and most respected name in dating in the UK.