Love: Be Proactive And You’ll Find It

Why Leave Love To Chance?

As personal matchmakers, we know that the desire to be loved is a universal, human trait. We also know that for those who have been disappointed or hurt in the past, this can be hard to admit. Many single men and women spend years suppressing a longing for a wonderful life-partner. One of the first things new clients say to us is that they feel they’ve wasted so much time, either looking for love in the wrong places, or not looking at all. Our job is so exciting because we’re able to change that. And for many clients, we’re able to change their lives completely.

Does Personal Matchmaking Work?

The answer for many of our clients is ‘Yes!’. Obviously, we can’t control whether two, well-matched people will feel the right combination of chemistry and compatibility in person. However, we can ensure that all of our clients are taking a pro-active approach to love. As a result, we receive the most heart-warming feedback from many of our matched couples, who keep us up-to-date with their real-life love stories. Meet one of our real-life couples, Francesca and Albert…


Francesca says – “So much has happened in the last few months. Meeting Albert has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He is so loving, caring and perfect for me. We had a lovely Christmas together with my relatives and then we went to Spain to have a Spanish Christmas. I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Albert. I’ve never been so happy!”

Writing the first lines of love stories like Francesca and Albert’s is what we do at Matchmakers. We’d love to help you begin your new journey.




Why Dating App Users Are More At Risk At Christmas

While there are many elements of Christmas that bring out the best in people, we all know that it can be an emotionally charged time.  At Matchmakers, we place the safety and well-being of our clients at the top of our agenda.  However,  when single men and women are trying to find love alone, basic safe-guarding can get lost in the thrill of meeting an attractive stranger.

The pressure to feel loved and wanted reaches a peak over Christmas and New Year.  Team this with an increased number of party invites and accelerated alcohol consumption.  Dating app users are far more likely to take risks during the festive period than any other.  And, with the secrecy that often veils online hook-ups, it’s no surprise that single people are more vulnerable than ever at this time of year.

Many of us watched the tragic story of Grace Millane play out, recently.  Intelligent and accomplished, 22 year old Grace had failed to contact her parents on her birthday.  Keen to see the world, she was on a year long expedition, alone. Her tearful father described Grace as a “Lovely, outgoing, fun-loving, family-orientated daughter.”

Grace was last seen alive at the City Life Hotel in Auckland.  It seems that choosing to spend time alone with a stranger resulted in Grace losing her life that same night.  Chillingly,  her suspected killer had left a comment under her Facebook profile picture less than a hour before she was last seen alive.  His words were simple, flattering – “Beautiful.  Very radiant.”  Just the kind of words that can offer a false sense of security in an online world.

The ‘Dating Safely Guidelines’ offer common sense advice that saves lives.  To download your free copy, ensuring that you stay safe in your search for love, click here :


Catfishing in the news

Catfishing in the news
Catfishing in the news

Catfishing in the news and media, has been a topic widely covered over recent weeks, with Labour MP for Stockport, Ann Coffey, utilising an adjournment debate in the U.K. parliament during July to debate this issue, which has become an increasing concern to many people in this country and globally.

With online dating fraud appearing to be on the increase constantly, with more than £100 million quoted as the amount defrauded in the last year (these figures include Facebook and other social media sites as well as online dating sites and apps), a figure that must be of extreme concern to many.

With fake and fraudulent profiles said by the BBC’s Panorama to be running at more than 1 million in the U.K. alone, it is easy to see that the problem of fraud now needs to be tackled. So Ann Coffey’s initiative deserves to be praised , however the legal view is that it would be unlikely to change the law in the near future, as this type of cyber crime was debated in the House of Lords, the result of which was that extra legislation wasn’t necessary.

The emphasis therefore remains with the individual dating companies and here at Matchmakers we are confident that we do absolutely everything that we can to ensure that our profiles are 100% genuine and very accurate too.

Our technology is new and has been designed in-house to our own specifications by our Development team, we also utilise one of the most comprehensive authentication and verification systems available globally to verify our members as genuine and that they are exactly who they say they are. And all at a price that is extremely competitive, as well as being inline with the prices charged for online dating, so great value for money. We believe therefore if we can do it, our competitors could and should be doing the same to eradicate fraudulent practices.

Want to know more? Well our Senior Membership Adviser, Tracey Cater, is fully available to talk through how our services work and how Matchmakers could help identify thar wonderful new partner for you. Please ring and speak to Tracey on 0800 644 4130 and lets help make Catfishing a thing of the past.

Hollywood Dating Guru Matthew Hussey Explains How To Get The Guy

Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey: Love Guru To The Stars

At Matchmakers, we’re always keen to explore the teachings of the world’s most prominent dating gurus.  Recently, we’ve been looking into the work of Matthew Hussey: Love Guru to the stars.

Dating Guru to Hollywood ‘A’ Listers – including Eva Longoria and Christina Aguilera – Matthew Hussey has enjoyed huge success in both the UK and US.  He is the author of New York bestseller ‘How to Get the Guy’.   For those who prefer to meet their gurus in person, Matthew also runs ‘Love Retreats’.  Within exotic surroundings, women are encouraged to seize the moment and embrace their desire to find love.

Love Retreats With A Guru To The Stars

Matthew’s retreats focus on three key areas.  Self-awareness.  The removal of emotional blocks.  Goal Setting.  Attendees also complete pre-retreat exercises.   Matthew encourages an honest look into emotional triggers.  Once we understand the factors that are holding us back, we can begin to understand how things must change.  Change is something that Matthew very much encourages. During the retreat, he instructs attendees to imagine their own death in order to reinforce the notion that every moment matters.

How To Get The Guy

In his book, ‘How To Get The Guy’ Matthew provides women with an insiders guide as to what makes women tick. Along the way, he dispels myths about what men really want and explains how women can make themselves irresistible.  This is a useful tool for those who want to increase their understanding of the opposite sex to enrich future relationships.

At Matchmakers, we support philosophies that empower our clients to believe in themselves and encourage them to follow their dreams.    Find out more about Matthew at

Drew Barrymore Promotes Personal Matchmaking in the US

After the success of Channel 4’s First Dates, NBC has hired Drew Barrymore to promote Personal Matchmaking in the US.  Based on the winning UK TV formula, Drew’s show will study the interaction between couples meeting for the first time.   US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is producing the show in partnership with NBC.  America’s First Dates will be based in the city of Chicago.

Drew Barrymore

Audiences in the UK have been captivated by the show’s concept:  a variety of real life dates are followed as they happen throughout an evening at the First Dates restaurant.  The restaurant staff offer words of friendly advice and support to the single men and women who arrive looking for love.  Many of the First Dates couples have inspiring and heart-warming back stories.  The message of the show is clear: everyone deserves to find love.

Many of the show’s single men and women have turned to the show’s personal matchmakers after spending years looking for love. The number of couples who leave their dates with a warm, fuzzy glow – determined to see each other again – is testament to the power of professional matchmaking.

Drew Barrymore turned her career around by producing and starring in a number of sweet romantic comedies, including 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler.  The one-time wild child was once considered unemployable by Hollywood, however, Drew became determined to prove herself as an actress and producer in the late 90s.  Movies such as The Wedding Singer and Never Been Kissed warmed the hearts of her audiences and established Drew as the unlikely Queen of Romantic Comedy.

Narrating “First Dates” is the latest step in Drew’s growing television presence. The actress is also starring in the new Netflix comedy “Santa Clarita Diet,” alongside Timothy Olyphant.

First Dates is in its eighth season in the UK.  You can watch on Tuesdays on Channel Four.

If you would like to work with your own Personal Matchmaker in the UK, please contact our experienced and friendly membership advisers on 0800 644 4130, 9am – 9pm everyday.


Dating Safely Campaign

Dating Safely Campaign
Dating Safely Campaign

At Matchmakers Dating, we have long admired the stance of our industry body the Dating Agency Association, with regards to compulsory background checks for all new members and tougher regulation of the dating industry. We are therefore delighted to announce the launch of the DAA’s Dating Safely Campaign, which is wholeheartedly endorsed and supported by all of our team here at Matchmakers.

Finding a new partner and meeting potential partners should be a fun and enjoyable experience, but we want it to be a safe one too and guidelines about keeping safe when meeting new people seems a really sensible step. Here is the Dating Agency Association press release carrying details of the campaign:


Industry Body for UK Dating Agencies Announces Launch of National Dating Safely Campaign


13th February 2017 – The industry body for UK dating agencies, The Dating Agency Association, has announced that its national Dating Safely Campaign will go live on February 13th, 2017, providing free information to single people, and clear professional guidelines to dating agencies, in order to promote a cultural shift in the way we think about personal safety.

On the 15th January 2017, eighteen year old, Leonne Weeks – ‘a quiet girl, who wouldn’t hurt anybody’ – was found dead in an isolated pathway in Rotherham, South Yorks. Police are scouring social media for clues after friends said that Leanne had gone to meet a man from a dating site.  A teenage boy has been charged with her murder.

While Leonne’s devastated family await answers, this young woman’s death is a stark reminder of how meeting strangers online has become commonplace within our society.  Men and women of all ages are putting themselves at risk every day across the UK as a result of new and dangerous attitudes to dating.

In the tragic case of Usha Patel – a forty-four year old mother who was brutally murdered by a man she invited to her home – having connected via an online dating agency – Judge Rebecca Poulet QC said: “In my assessment, this case is a stark warning to anyone who plans to meet someone following limited internet contact.  That meeting must take place in a public place until one person feels they know something of the other.”

Usha Patel’s five-year-old son discovered his mother’s body the morning after the vicious and bloody attack, having been left alone with her overnight. Judge Rebecca Poulet concluded – “She (Patel) was clearly anxious to meet a new partner, but she paid for this invitation with her life.”

The Dating Agency Association has set out clear guidelines for both single people, and dating agencies across the country, to ensure that the very human desire to find love no longer leaves single people vulnerable to exploitation and violence.

Dating Expert and Self-Help author, Trelawney Kerrigan, has worked closely with The Dating Agency Association, safety professionals, UK charities, and a diverse group of single people, to devise a set of simple guidelines aimed at saving lives.  The Dating Safely Guidelines handbook can be downloaded free of charge via the Dating Agency Association website

A hard copy of the handbook can also be requested via the website.

Trelawney Kerrigan said: “The frightening conclusion to my research is that the anonymity of dating apps and online sites has bought with it increasingly dangerous attitudes towards meeting complete strangers in isolated settings – blinded by the instant intimacy of online communication.  Importantly this is not a behaviour limited to young people: men and women of all ages are trading the basic safeguarding of their lives for instant gratification.”

Tina Wallace, the Chief Executive of the Dating Agency Association, is thrilled that all Dating Agency Association member agencies must now commit to implementing clear policies and procedures that promote a safe and transparent environment on behalf of their clients. Tina Wallace said:  “Our Dating Safely Guidelines handbook provides simple common sense advice to single people, ensuring that they consider their own well being and put personal safety first when seeking a relationship.

St Valentine’s Day – Where It All Began

St Valentine's Day - Where It All Began

St Valentine’s Day or now often ‘Valentine’s’ was originally a Western Christian Liturgical Day, known as the Feast of St Valentine – celebrating the life of St Valentine or even more than one of them, as there is certainly some confusion as to whom the original Saint Valentinus actually was. It is is now a cultural and commercial celebration within many religions across the world but is not actually a public holiday anywhere. So that is a brief history of St Valentine’s Day – where it all began, many centuries ago.

The modern day St Valentine’s Day practices originated in the United Kingdom around the 17th Century and by the 19th Century paper and lace cards were being manufactured in reasonably large quantities in factories and around 60,000 cards were being exchanged as long ago as the 1830’s. With the postal revolution of 1840 and the reduction in postal costs, through the introduction of the world famous ‘penny black’ postage stamp, participation escalated to around 400,000 cards being exchanged and the commercialisation of St Valentine’s Day had probably begun.

Today roughly half of the UK’s population exchanges cards, which is around 32,500,000 in total, so big business indeed, but even this is dwarfed by the enthusiasm with which Valentine’s Day is embraced in the USA – with over 190,000,000 cards being exchanged. A far cry from what the man believed by many to be the original St Valentine had intended or ever envisaged. He was a priest in Rome at the height of the Roman Empire when he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and ministering to Christians, who were persecuted within the that culture.

Legend has it that during his time in jail St Valentine, healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius, and wrote to her how prior to his execution, signing his farewell later as ‘Your Valentine’ which is said to be the forerunner of the modern tradition that we observe today.

Today St Valentine’s Day is unashamedly commercial and is maybe measured by many by the size or quality of the card, the cost of the gift or how many stars the restaurant has, where you might be taken for your romantic meal, which is a long way from what St Valentine actually intended. For some it may even be a barometer as to the health of their relationship and it can for some, in the same way as Christmas brings things to a head, be the catalyst for change or even ending the relationship, as these days many people just don’t want to ‘mend and make do’ or settle for what they perceive to be second best.

So did you get your card and gift this year? If not you know what to do to find love………..!

Personal Matchmaking: The Ultimate Dating Game Changer

In recent years, an increasing number of young, single people have become disillusioned with online dating. For those who are ready to get serious about findingthe first dates team an incredible relationship, Personal Matchmaking has become the ultimate dating game-changer.

Here at Matchmakers, we are regularly asked to provide dating advice and/or a Personal Matchmaking service to celebrities, TV Production teams and TV and radio talk-shows. With shows like First Dates, The Millionaire Matchmaker, TOWIE and The Real Housewives of Cheshire using the expertise of Professional Matchmakers, Personal Matchmaking has never been more popular.

For those who feel ready to explore the possibility of genuine long-term happiness with a new partner, the anonymity and throw-away nature of online dating has lost its appeal.The biggest difference between Personal Matchmaking and online dating is that irreplaceable human touch. Our Personal Matchmakers become emotionally invested in their clients – and it’s that magical connection that has made Personal Matchmaking so popular both in real life and on screen.

The Tenets of the Professional Dating Agency

Our Personal Matchmakers provide a friendly voice waiting to calm first date nerves; impartial guidance and advice when needed. Instead of using electronic data, our team work relentlessly to personally uncover those unique and powerful details that intertwine two people together so beautifully. The Matchmakers team includes some of the best Personal Matchmakers in the business, professionals who exude warmth, emotional intelligence and a desire to learn about the very best qualities of each and every client.

What may surprise you is how accessible Matchmakers is for clients who fit our criteria. We are always interested in talking to people aged between 25 – 49 who are ready to make finding an incredible, long-term relationship a priority. We expect our clients to want the very best for themselves, and for those with whom they share their lives. If this sounds like you, we’d love to share an informal chat to discuss how Matchmakers could become your ultimate dating game-changer.


Why Professional Dating Agency Services Work

Why Professional Dating Agency Services Work

Over the past decade or two, professional dating agency services have gained more traction across the western world than ever before. While existing since the 1950s, and with roots tracing back to the Middle Ages, it was in the past couple of decades that these types of agencies truly returned to public consciousness, offering affluent young professionals an alternative to combat western society’s increasing shift towards digital and remote interactions.

In a world where dating sites had run their course and face-to-face interaction is curtailed by obstacles such as working hours or lifestyles, it is hardly surprising that this type of personal introduction service has caught on the way it has among an increasingly busy and demanding generation; professional dating agency services do offer a number of advantages which successful young professionals highly appreciate and value when it comes to finding a potential partner or romantic match.

In fact, when the way these companies operate and go about achieving their goals is taken into consideration, it is not at all hard to see why professional dating agencies work. As noted above, this type of organisation offers a number of distinctive benefits and advantages no other type of dating service can offer, and which can make the always taxing process of finding love in modern western society considerably easier.

Here at Matchmakers, we like to make our customers, both existing and prospective, aware of what exactly those factors are, and why it is worth investing in the services of a professional introduction and matchmaking agency such as ourselves. In that spirit, we have decided to put together a blog post detailing why professional dating agency services work, precisely with the intent of informing potentially interested customers of the advantages of choosing a service of this type. The reasons we could come up with are listed in the lines below.

1. Selectiveness

The first item on this list, and one of the main reasons why professional dating agencies work, is selectiveness. Unlike other dating services, where the only pre-requisite to becoming a member is to sign up and occasionally pay a fee, personal introduction agencies such as Matchmakers have a number of measures in place to ensure only people they want to have as members are actually allowed in.

Quite aside from any monetary considerations, which might be the main triage factor in other types of dating resources, professional dating agency services tend to use background checks and personality profiling exercises to determine whether or not a specific applicant is worth having, and if he or she will fit well into their existing portfolio. Some of the elimination factors can be as simple and innocuous as age, marital status or yearly income, while on other occasions the person’s character, personality or relationship history can be the main aspects considered.

Regardless of what approach is chosen, however, any reputable professional dating agency will state in its terms and conditions that it reserves the right to decline applications on principle. Those who make use of the type of service a company like Matchmakers offers will readily tell prospective members that it is not enough to simply pay the requested fee, and that being able to afford the services of a professional dating agency does not necessarily grant any given single man or woman immediate entry into a matchmaker’s portfolio. These high standards are, however, far from a deterrent to most people, rather standing as a selling point for those really interested in the meaningful relationships these types of services tend to offer.

2. In-Depth Profiling

Another major reason why professional dating agency services work is because they tend to go far more in-depth in their attempts to profile a customer than the average remote dating resource.

In fact, while building a profile for a standard dating site or app might consist of choosing a few attractive photos, filling in some basic data and writing an appealing blurb, professional dating agency matchmakers will require a considerably larger amount of information before considering a client’s profile ready for archiving.

Typical points a professional dating agency profiler will go over which might have been overlooked in other types of dating resources include personality type, defining traits, hobbies, interests, short- and long-term life and career goals, ideal traits a partner should have, among other considerations. By truly taking the time to take all of these into account rather than rushing into get a profile out there, matchmakers significantly increase the chance of success for themselves and their clients in the quest to find a suitable romantic partner.

Once again, this attention to detail and in-depth approach to profiling contribute to make professional dating agency services highly popular among demanding young professionals disillusioned with the superficial services provided by dating websites and apps, and are one of the main selling points for agencies such as Matchmakers.

3. Professional Assistance

Finally, the professional assistance provided by the expert matchmakers working for most personal introduction agencies cannot be overlooked as a factor behind the continued success and effectiveness of these companies.

The early stages of dating tend to be a nerve-wrecking experience, and most relationships do not make it past this stage, due to the couple’s inability to overcome their own social or personal barriers. Professional dating agency services bypass this problem entirely by having a professional matchmaker take care of the introduction and date-making process, thereby eliminating perhaps the most difficult phase of any early-onset relationship, for both halves of the couple.

Needless to say, this aspect is not only a strong selling point for most personal introduction agencies, but also one of the main factors guaranteeing the high rate of success these businesses tend to enjoy; as such, it could not be left off of any list detailing how and why professional dating agency services work.

As has hopefully become apparent in the course of the previous few paragraphs, then, the reason why professional dating agency services work cannot be boiled down to a single factor or aspect. Rather, it is the appealing and effective combination of factors companies such as Matchmakers provide which helps ensure their consistently high number of success stories, and continued expansion across western society!

Is A Professional Dating Agency Right For You?


In recent years, more and more Matchmakersyoung professionals have been seeking out professional dating agency services as a way to meet potential romantic partners. In a society which has increasingly less time for face-to-face social interaction and risk-taking, most of the busiest singles the world over choose to resort to a professional dating agency in a bid to fill in the gaps in the meeting and introduction process which they, for professional, social or personality reasons, cannot or will not.

As a result, agencies such as Matchmakers Dating have seen a definite surge in demand and activity in recent years. After a long period in which they were supplanted, in young people’s estimation, by online dating sites, introductions agencies are currently experiencing a second wind, bolstered in large part by many of the aforementioned dating sites having proven untrustworthy. The fact that many of the singles who use these types of agencies walk out thoroughly satisfied, and often matched with the perfect person for them, further helps cement the reputation of professional dating agency services as a valid alternative for remote introductions.

Still, even with the level of popularity dating agencies enjoy nowadays, many people still remain uncertain of whether they would benefit from these types of services. Despite the current, mostly digital status quo, many still feel remote introductions are undesirable or undignified, while others are nervous about mediated face-to-face interactions or the pace at which the process is carried out. All in all, many people shy away from hiring professional dating agency services because they are unsure that they are right for them.

With that in mind, we at Matchmakers, being experts in personal introductions and matching up like-minded men and women, have taken it upon ourselves to attempt to address those doubts, so that our prospective clients may have some peace of mind when first thinking of contacting us with their enquiry. It is in that spirit that the lines below will address a number of common factors which tend to determine success in remote dating situations, in order to answer the age-old question: is a professional dating agency right for you?


When trying to ascertain whether or not a professional dating agency would be suited for them, the first thing prospective customers need to assess are their goals when looking for a relationship. Different people have different expectations and desires when it comes to finding a partner, and it just might happen that a particular customer’s needs may not be met by a professional dating agency such as Matchmakers Dating.

Typically, singles professionals seeking out professional dating agency services are looking for a more long-term, serious type of commitment, rather than something more casual or short-lived. This is evidenced by the fact that most customers of these types of agencies are more than willing to sit down with the matchmakers and go through an in-depth chat about their personality and interests, for the purposes of building a profile. In fact, this step of the process is required if a customer is to be accepted into an agency’s portfolio, proving this type of service is about far more than particularly flattering photographs or superficial interests. As such, those looking for a less meaningful and more casual type of relationship might not have the right type of outlook to really benefit from the services of a professional dating agency.


Lifestyle is another important aspect to consider when trying to answer the question: is a professional dating agency right for you? This is because many of these types of services actually cater to a specific type of demographic, potentially causing those outside this target group to feel excluded or out of place when first making an enquiry.

As a general rule, professional dating agency services are aimed at young professionals, usually between 25 and 45 years old, and most tend to aim for high-income or at least successful career-people. Similarly, professional dating agency customers tend to have high standards and requirements as to what they wish their prospective partner to be like, from the standpoint of personality, ambitions, goals and career, justifying the need for in-depth questionnaires and exclusionary selection processes ahead of each client being accepted.

Other times, introductions agencies skew even more niche, and aim at a specific age group, race or religion, making the aspect of lifestyle even more important. Therefore, prospective customers may want to make sure they fit the right profile for the professional dating agency they are scouting ahead of making first contact.


Finally, the personality of the prospective customer themselves plays an important part when attempting to determine whether or not a professional dating agency would be a good fit for their particular needs with regards to finding a partner.

As stated above, these types of services are neither as immediate nor as shallow as dating websites or apps such as Tinder, and many personal introductions agencies tend to be rather exclusive when it comes to accepting new members. Most matchmaking companies are not necessarily after just profit, and as also noted above, like to keep a certain standard as far as who they take in as a client. This, in turn, makes it doubly important for prospective users of these services to ensure they have the right personal profile to avoid disappointment.

Generally speaking, a professional dating agency client should be someone not afraid to take risks and try new, unconventional things, but also willing to take their time when finding a partner, in order to ensure the right match. Ideally, they should also be successful professionals, potentially high-income, with a view to finding a meaningful relationship based on something more than looks.

Those who do not fit the above profile, while not outright unsuited for professional dating agency services, might find results from this method to be less satisfactory than for their better-suited peers, making this option less worthwhile than it might have been had they had a different personality type.

In short, then, there are a number of factors to consider when attempting to answer the question: is a professional dating agency right for you? We at Matchmakers Dating hope the article above has gone some way towards elucidating our existing and prospective customers, and setting their minds at ease about the level of efficiency they might expect when using our services.