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Meet our trusted dating coach – Ivana Franekova


Ivana Franekova

Meet our trusted dating coach – Ivana Franekova, who is our resident Dating Coach and Relationship Expert here at Matchmakers. Ivana started her journey into Life Coaching well over 10 years ago. Having trained as a paediatric nurse originally, she wanted to go back to a helping therapy after years of being self-employed.

With her own various dating stories throughout the years, both good and bad, Ivana chose Dating Coaching and Relationship Coaching as her preferred coaching areas. In addition to having a Life Coaching Diploma and being accredited by ‘Association of Coaching’, she started studying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2008. She felt she needed to build up on her skills, giving her a choice of tools and methods to use with clients in clinical practice.

Today, Ivana’s main work concentrates on confidence and anxiety issues around dating. Many people that are just getting back into dating, especially after a difficult experience, find it hard to trust someone again or feel comfortable around new people. Low self-confidence can be a true obstacle when starting dating again. Clients will self-doubt; there could be a lack of self-respect and self-acceptance present. All these areas need to be looked at and if needed, worked on.

The work she does centres around both coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy, looking at obstacles, any defence mechanisms in place, self-esteem levels and dealing with past ‘baggage’. In short, Ivana wants to make sure the clients that turn to us will have the best experience ever, with a healthy self-confidence in place.

Ivana will also look at the practical aspects of dating with you: your body language, your communication skills, the way you refer to your dates. Her wish is to see you happy and settled, preparing you in the best way possible for your journey with us. So go on, call her today and start a new chapter of your life with us knowing you’ll looked after by a winning team of matchmakers and coaches.

Finding an ideal partner through other means such as on line dating can be extremely time consuming, and we understand that time is precious to many people and not something you would want to waste. We understand too that the whole process of finding a new partner can be rather daunting, even for the most successful and confident of people. So if you would like to talk to someone who will truly understand your situation and your needs, then call today and speak in absolute confidence to Ivana on 07970 181287.

A successful life can still be a lonely place if you are on your own. So go on, take that simple positive step today and call our elite dating agency on 0800 644 4130. We are open 9am until 9pm every day. Or click here to ask Ivana to call you back- you could be talking to her about a new life in just a few moments’ time.


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